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Follow along your healing journey with this roadmap to connecting or reconnecting with your mate. 

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The Life Center offers psychotherapy for mental and emotional diseases and diagnoses that cripple everyday functioning. Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, are some common diagnoses in which therapy and treatment allows individuals to manage and progress in their present and future functioning. The Life Center also offers counseling for challenging situations and circumstances including marriage counseling. 



Whether in your marriage, workplace, ministry, or just as an individual, The Life Center is here to provide you with the education, instruction, and tools of discipline to reinforce the growth, development, and progression in your marriage, company, ministry, and more.



Achieving goals is sometimes a farfetched concept especially when the obstacles seem numerous and great. The Life Center is committed to helping individuals reach their goals through coaching. Dr. Williams endeavors to help clients strategize by making goals more realistic and attainable. This coaching philosophy helps to minimize pressure and maximize productivity.

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