Dr. LaToya Williams

Dr. Williams was born, the second of two children, to Marjorie and the late John Culver of Prentiss, MS.  She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Spelman College and Masters in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University.  She has also completed her Doctorate in Education from Argosy University, in Pastoral Community Counseling where she completed research and her dissertation entitled “A Study of the Self-Care of Pastors and their Spouses: Maintaining Holistic Health in the Individual and Marriage.” 

Dr. Williams is a multifaceted leader who endeavors to empower people in their own ability to achieve a greater dimension of life through emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which allows her to work with adolescents, adults, couples, families, and organizations and assist them in achieving this greater dimension of life.  Much of her work is through her private practice, The Life Center. The Life Center was founded in 2007 as an outreach entity, when she began conceptualizing and providing various counseling services within the community.  In 2014, The Life Center was established as her faith-based private practice where she now serves as the CEO and chief therapist.  Through The Life Center, she also provides empowerment to leaders, businesses, and organizations through workshops, trainings, and life coaching.  Along with her work through her private practice, Dr. Williams also serves as the Clinical Director for Eastchester Family Services, a community-based human services organization providing integrated healthcare approach in assisting youth and adults in their various mental and emotional needs. 

Dr. Williams' Christian faith and relationship with Christ  is the crux of her existence and serves as an asset in her work with people. Because of her commitment to God and her heart for his people, Dr. Williams aspires to encourage and inspire all she comes into contact with.  In every arena, Dr. Williams utilizes the knowledge gained through education and experience, her proficiencies, and certainly her spiritual insight to empower those who are faced with stages, transitions, phases and challenges of life.   


Thought Principle


The principle thought of The Life Center Counseling and Resources, LLC is that every person has the ability to achieve a greater dimension of life through emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation.  Based on this understanding, our endeavor is to bring individuals, couples, families, leaders, businesses, and organizations to the realization of this “life”.  The Life Center Counseling and Resources, LLC utilizes a diverse approach to therapy, which is hinged on the foundation of biblical truths. It is the desire of The Life Center Counseling and Resources, LLC to create an atmosphere of confidentiality and comfort that is conducive to healing, restoration, freedom, and progress for each person and entity served.

Theoretical Basis


The theory of choice of The Life Center Counseling and Resources, LLC is the Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (CBT).  This theory emphasizes the concept that feelings and actions are ultimately a result of thoughts rather than people, situations, or events.  Providing therapy, coaching, and training based on this theory helps to empower people in altering and reframing their thoughts, thereby transforming feelings or behaviors even if situations do not change.  Through this therapeutic approach, the counselor focuses on instructing, guiding, teaching, and empowering clients in balanced skills, methods, and techniques to help them transform.

Theological Integration


There is much value in clinically integrating theology in the counseling approach to help bring people to a healthy place. The theologically clinical approach to serving clients highlights how a divine existence affects, directs, and assists individuals with coping and dealing with stresses and challenges of life. The emphasis of this approach is on helping clients connect through prayer, the scriptures, and exploring ways in which they can utilize them for change.  My view of scripture is that it is the inspired, infallible, and inherrant Word of God. Scripture is inspired, as it is given by God to man as principles by which we live. And prayer is the method we use to communicate with God and connect with him consistently.