The Life Center Counseling and Resources, LLC provides the following services:

Individual Counseling/Therapy
On our individual journey through life we encounter different stages, transitions, phases, and crises that affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functioning. In these instances, counseling and/or therapy assists individuals in navigating through their life situations and achieving and maintaining a healthy emotional and mental state.
Marriage/Couples Therapy
Throughout the duration of relationships, couples encounter various conflicts and challenging times. During these times, counseling and/or therapy helps couples discover and explore the relationship in an effort to develop ways of healing and improving the relationship.
Pre-Marital Counseling
As individuals preparing to enter into marriage, it is paramount to not only plan for a wedding, but plan for a marriage. Through pre-marital counseling, couples receive insight and tools necessary to achieve a greater dimension of relationship and effective ways to function in partnership as a couple.
Life Coaching
Life tends to have many possibilities and opportunities that are often unrealized. These missed moments and unachieved goals occur because it’s often difficult to chart your own path and create and carryout a successful plan. Life Coaching provides guidance, direction, and accountability in developing and accomplishing your personal and/or professional goals.
Empowerment Training
Organizations are discovering more and more that their visions are better realized when their teams, offices, employees, and volunteers are sufficiently trained, supported, and empowered. Whether private or public, secular or spiritual, empowerment trainings are profitable for any business, organization, group, or office when trying to create an environment that is consistent in productivity and accomplishment.
Resource and Referral Services
Many times clients may need assistance beyond our scope of expertise. In this case, it is our desire to provide referrals to the most competent sources with which we have fostered relationships, as well provide information regarding resources that are adequate in meeting the needs of each individual and family.